3.3.5 Mental health support

We recognize that there can be times when some students struggle with the demands of studying or life in general. SVU has active promotion of good mental health and access to free mental health support. Nationally, and indeed globally, there is increasing concern about mental health challenges facing young people as a result of the growing pressures they face living, studying and working in today’s world. We also know that staff in higher education is reporting higher levels of stress and anxiety than in previous generations. It is our absolute priority at SVU to work with our students and staff to promote good physical and mental health, and to support students, staff and our society.

SVU provide service to all medical clinic in campus and off-campus which include mental health support (here)

There are two department for mental health support :

  1. department of mental health education (here)
  2. Department of Neurological and Psychiatric Diseases (Qena University Hospital) (click here)


  • An educational seminar on electronic violence against women (Details)