3.3.6 Smoke-free policy

South Valley University has a rule for Smoke free Campus.


  • Educational seminars at the Faculty of Medicine and most of the university’s faculties about raising awareness of the harms of smoking and how to quit
  • Leaflets in hospital outpatient clinics warn of the danger of smoking on public health.
  • Research and theses for graduate students for master’s and doctoral degrees. These researches dealt with various health problems, the most important of which are lung cancer, the harm of smoking on pregnant women and its negative impact on newborns, as well as the effect of negative smoking on all family members, co-workers, clubs, gatherings and crowded places.
  • Awareness lectures on the university channel to spread internal community health awareness.
  • Seminars in preparatory and secondary schools, as well as educational seminars in villages and hamlets during the work of medical convoys spread throughout the province.
  • Warning signs about the total prohibition of smoking in the lobby, roads, corridors, practical teaching rooms, auditoriums, as well as in the corridors of entire university hospitals.
  • Wall panels showing the multiple harms of smoking.
  • Punishment of violators among employees and faculty members, each according to his job.
  • Smoking is prohibited inside the buildings of the Faculty of Medicine in Qena and university hospitals, and there are posters in the buildings indicating this.
  • Holding special educational seminars on diseases of the chest, respiratory system and smoking.

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