3.3.4 providing the access to sexual and reproductive health-care services

South Valley University prepares an action plan for reproductive health and family planning to provide the required reproductive health services and improve its quality, and the plan aims to increase awareness of reproductive health issues.

  1. Qena (Kimsa) medical students held a symposium on FGM (Female Circumcision) from 27-29 March 2021.
  2. An educational seminar on reproductive health and family planning.
  3. Two workshops on how to insert the copper coil during caesarean section.
  4. Qena medical students (KEMSA) held their online maternal health and family planning campaign from 3-9 July 2021 AD.
  5. Medical students of Qena (KEMSA) held a workshop on the physical health of adolescents, April 20, 2021.
  6. Medical students of Qena (KEMSA) held the Adolescent Physical Health Campaign on July 14, 2021.