Ceremony of Handing Over Certificates of Military Exemption of Students with Disabilities

Within the framework of practical cooperation between the university and the recruitment and mobilization area in Qena, a ceremony of handing over certificates of military exemption of students with disabilities was organized in the presence of Major General Ashraf El-Dawdy, Governor of Qena, Prof. Dr. Youssuf Gharbawy, President of South Valley University, Brigadier Saeed Afifi, Manager of Recruitment and Mobilization Area in Qena, Prof. Dr. Abbas Mansour, Former President of South Valley University, Prof. Dr. Mahfouz Abdel Sattar, Vice President for Hurghada Branch, Prof. Dr. Ibrahim Hassan, Dean of Faculty of Islamic Studies in Qena, and others of the university leadership. Major General Ashraf El-Dawdy praised in his speech the role of the university in serving the region and in caring for persons with disabilities, referring to the state role led by President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi in spreading awareness of persons with disabilities rights and developing their skills to enable them to participate effectively alongside the rest of the community. Moreover, Prof. Dr. Youssuf Gharbawy praised the role of Major General Ashraf El-Dawdy in strengthening ways of cooperation between Qena Governorate and South Valley University, referring to the outstanding efforts of Brigadier Saeed Afifi in facilitating services of students with special needs. He added that the university spent 2.5 million pounds from the Social Solidarity Fund in the first half of this year to benefit 2,851 worthy students.