The President of the University inaugurates the first conference in Medical Education in Qena

Prof. Dr Youssef Gharabawy, President of the University, inaugurated the first conference in medical education in Qena, which has organized in Luxor from 19 to 20 January in the presence of Dr Ahmed Kamal Nasary, Vice-President of the University for Community Service and Environmental Development Affairs, Dr Badawy Shahat, Vice-President of Student and Educational Affairs, Dr Nezar Abo Halawa, President of the Conference, Dr Mohmed Khalil El-Amari, member of the House of Representatives, Dr Ashraf Ismail, President of the General Authority for Accreditation and Health Monitoring, Dr Mohammad Hani Hussain, Dr Hajaji Mansour, and a number of deans of Egyptian Medicine faculties. the President also praised the role of the University Hospitals of Qena and the Faculty of Medicine, which participated in medical convoys in neighbouring provinces, as well as the medical services provided by the University Hospitals, This year, more than 250,000 Canadians benefited

Prof. Dr Ali Abdul Rahman Ghweil, Dean of the Faculty of Medicine, thanked the leadership of the South Valley University led by Prof. Dr Youssef Gharbawy for the continued support for all activities of the Faculty, which contributed to the approval of the Faculty by the National Quality Assurance Authority, During the conference, Dr Ghweil stressed that the conference aims to obtain quality health care in teaching hospitals through quality medical education and the integration of education and work.