Students Affairs

The Faculty Registrar

Mr / Mohamed Jamal Mohamed Abdel Latif

Telephone: 01001196454

Work team: Ahmed Diaa Elden Metwaly specialized in student affairs. 

Administration Functions: 

1 – Receiving and reviewing the electronic statements of students admitted to the faculty and received from the Coordination Office through the Central Student Affairs. 

2 – Receiving new students who have obtained a high school diploma, reviewing their files and completing them, making medical examination forms, as well as the faculty’s internal regulation, and extracting university cards for them.

3 – Entering all the data of students admitted to the management information systems (MIS), reviewing them, making the outcomes of this system, and handing it over to the university’s information systems department in time.

4 – Carrying out all the work of assigning faculty members to the faculty from South Valley University and other universities, coordinating with them to make theoretical and practical lecture schedules, then monitoring the progress of the educational process and overcoming barriers related to faculty members and students.

5 – Integral obligation with the internal regulations of the faculty and a review of what is required of other work requested from the administration by the University President’s of office, Vice President’s Office, the Dean of the Faculty and General Director of Support and Decision Making Center at the University. 

6- Making a questionnaire and taking the students’ opinions on the theoretical examination schedules before preparing them by the competent authority for approval.

7- Performing all various works related to exams, from formation, observing and preparing suitable examination venues.

8- The involvement of the Student Affairs Department in reviewing the results in controllers for all classes in the faculty before announcing them.