Oral & Maxillofacial Radiology Unit

Dr. Ali Fahad Fadel                                Center Manager          

Professor Of Oral and Maxillofacial Radiology  

Available ray equipment

1.It is the one that can photograph two or three teeth, and it does not include large areas around the image area, and there is a modern type of these devices connected to the computer.   

2.Panoramic Rays:

The teeth of the jaws can be depicted in one photo, as well as the jaw joint, sinuses and the lower part of the eye, which is absolutely necessary in some cases. Panoramic radiography in most advanced clinics must be adhered to before starting dental treatment, and the reason is the ease of diagnosing the patient’s problems in addition to the factor that removes doubt in the doctor’s diagnosis of the case.  

3. Cephalometric Rays:

It is a radial image of the head in the lateral position, which is one of the necessary images prior to the orthodontic , in the light of that the physician studies the patient’s orthopedic condition and then makes decisions and plans for treatment.  

4.Modern methods of computer radiography (Cone Beam):

A new device for radiographic axial diagnosis of the jaws has recently appeared, the Cone Beam. The CT scan device, with the help of a computer, gives almost real images of the jaws. The dentist can see them from all sides, relying on a special computer program, through which the doctor can measure the exact distances of any two points of the bone, and he can rotate the skull as he wants using the tomography device. The dentist takes a three-dimensional picture of the mouth, after that the computer gives a picture of the bone in which the implant will be placed, and the computer determines the true location of the implant and the parallel position in the case of doing more than Implant, in addition to determining the depth that you must reach without reaching sensitive areas such as nerves, blood channels and sinuses, and the advantage of these surgeries is that they cause less pain compared to the traditional method