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The decision No(1231) to establish the Faculty of Dentistry - University of South Valley was issued by Prof. Dr. / Prime Ministers on October 30, 2013, and study at the Faculty had started from the beginning of the academic year 2013/2014.


Providing a sophisticated medical education for the students and the practitioners in the field of oral and dental health, preparing a qualified and professionals graduates able to meet the needs of the society in various fields of Dentistry, and keep up with modern frameworks in the scientific research, continuing medical education and innovation in providing a preventive and curative services to the South-level.


Excellence in teaching and learning, research and community service, which means that the college will be a gateway to science and knowledge in the oral and dental health in the South-level, a pioneer in the field of scientific research, and a beacon of the modern medical education that is based on evidence which creates an motivating academic environment for the students and the faculty staff members to creativity.