Human Resource

Mr. Hamdy Khalifa Ali Abdel Karim

Director of Administration   

Telephone: 01000588211

Administration functions:     

  • Participate in preparing the budget for public cadre jobs and procedures implemented after its approval.
  •  Review the procedures for announcing the vacant public cadre jobs, the procedures for nominating workers to fill jobs, and issuing decisions about appointment, assignment, promotion, and granting reward.
  •  Review settlements, joining the length of service, procedures for implementing and erasing penalties and termination.
  • Preparing and Implementation Monitoring assignment, moving, missions, Recruiting, vacations, and others.
  •  Reviewing service files and status records and observing their fulfilment.
  •  Compile and prepare the topics of the Personnel Affairs Committee and implementation of its decisions.
  • Monitoring the fulfilment of financial disclosure statements and annual reports for employees.
  • Compiling all laws, decisions, regulations, fatwas, and instructions related to the affairs of the public cadre.
  • Implementing termination of services decision by dismissal, and notifying the competent authorities of cases of death during service.
  •  Keeping seniority records, preparing lists for those deserving of bonuses, promotion, and implementing its decisions according to the minutes of the Personnel Affairs Committee.
  • Recording the annual reports placed for employees in the relevant register and presenting them to the Personnel Affairs Committee on the legal date, and taking the executive procedures resulting therefrom.
  •  Settlements of employees’ cases shall be conducted following laws, decisions and judicial decisions.
  •  Issuance of sanctions decisions and enforcement of disciplinary sentences for employees.
  • Maintaining service files and attaching documents, decisions and data on the incumbents of general cadre posts to their files.
  •  Complete the status sheets so that they are on the status card from the file and prove changes.
  •  Keeping The Age Registry and Preparing records of Data for Those Who have Reached Legal Age.
  • Prepare and submit data on personnel from service files.