Holding The Graduate Studies Board (No.207)


Under the patronage of prof. Dr. Youssef Grabawy, president of south valley university, the supervision of prof. Dr. Ahmed Akkawy, vice president for postgraduate and researches affairs, the graduate studies board No.207 was held on 17 February 2021.

The following decisions were taken:

*Agreeing to enroll some graduate students in the different faculties

*Cancelling the registration of some students who exceeded the legal period of study without succeeding and paying the tuition fees for more than two years.

*Approving for establishing the committee of morals of scientific research that was suggested by Faculty of Science.

*Continuing the registration for Ph. D from abroad at faculty of education, Hurghada branch.

Vice deans for postgraduate, director of postgraduate and researches and the board secretary witnessed the meeting.