Advancing of South Valley University 120 Global Places in the University Rankings by Academic Performance(URAP)

Prof. Dr Youssef Gharbawy, President of South Valley University, announced that South Valley University is in the University Ranking by Academic Performance (URAP) for the year 2021-2022 and that it ranked 1687 globally out of a total of 3000 international universities advanced 120 places over the previous year 2020-2021 Locally, it ranked eighteenth out of a total of 32 Egyptian universities

Prof. Dr Ahmed Akawy, Vice- President of South Valley University for Post-Graduate and Research Affairs, indicated that this classification focuses on academic quality in an attempt to classify institutions according to their academic performance, which includes data on about 3000 institutions of higher education from all over the world aims to help universities identify potential areas of progress, strengths, and weaknesses about specific academic performance indicatorsDr Mohamed Ali Mohamed Ismail, representative of the university for international classification and member of the National Ranking Committee of Egyptian Universities, stated that URAP World Ranking depends on 6 indicators of academic performance, where the research forms the basis of the classification methodology, using both the quality and quantity of research and the performance of international research cooperation as indicators

The University’s International Classification team member, Hossam Harzallah, reported that the algorithm for data collection and evaluation depends on the academic performance of higher education institutions included in global databases such as Web of Science and InCities.

The President of the University expressed his thank to all South Valley University’s members and the international classification team at the university under the leadership of Prof. Dr Ahmed Akawy, which includes Dr Mohamed Ali Mohamed Ismail, Dr Hammouda Mohamed Dardir, Dr Montaser Abd El-Sattar, and Engineer Hossam Harzallah, Engineer Hamada Mhsab, Engineer Ahmed Hassan, and Mr Mohamed Saied.