Graduates’ Follow-up Unit

Vision of the Unit:

Continuous communication with the community by following up the graduates in order to develop and improve the study programs to match the requirements of the local and regional labor markets.

Message of the Unit:

Starting links of communication between the faculty and its graduates for meaningful and constructive cooperation in order to serve the faculty, graduates and society.

Strategic Objectives of the Unit:

  • Building a communication link between the faculty and its graduates.
  • Create databases for graduates and work on linking them to the faculty website.
  • Supporting the spread of the culture of quality and awareness.
  • Contribute to providing job opportunities for graduates.
  • Contacting bodies, institutions and companies to provide job opportunities to graduates.
  • Developing the skills of graduates by identifying courses that contribute and assist in their employment.
  • Establishing an annual day for graduates and officials of institutions, bodies and companies that need employment.