The President of South Valley University announces the University’s preparations for the New Academic Year.

Prof. Dr Youssef Gharbawy, President of South Valley University, announced the University’s preparations for the new Academic year for both the university’s facilities and hostels that were established and maintained during the last period, and the university’s study plans to carry out its mission of preparing graduates capable of competing in the labour market and participation in the development plans adopted by the state
The President of the University stressed complementing all precautionary measures against Coronavirus to keep in safe the students by social distancing, sterilizing halls and classrooms daily, indicated that the university has taken all measures to provide vaccination for all university members, and it has finished vaccinating nearly 70% of the faculty member, their assistants, students and the administrative staff, and he expressed an interest to hear the complaints from inside and outside the university about 10 hours daily for the restoration of rights within a short time