Undergraduate courses in sustainability

  • Faculty of engineering has different courses that matches SDG policies in the field of sustainable development including the following courses:
    • mechanical engineering courses :  here
    • Psychology and Labor Welfare
    • Environment engineering
    • Solar energy
    • Water treatment and desalination
    • Energy conservation
    • Clean and renewable energy
    • Electrical engineering:
    • Energy conversion and consumption (here)
    • Civil engineering
    • Design of irrigation system (here)
    • Health and environmental engineering (here)
    • Environmental and water engineering program include different courses meet SDGs (here)
  • Faculty of medicine

    Faculty of medicine in SVU has a unique center for sustainable medical education which aims for developing students, medical doctors, staff members to be aware and updated to the most updated to their field and profession.

All the details of the centers aims and vision in the website which meet sustainability