Students Life and Activities:

Students Life and Activities:

The students’ activities are varied and contribute in building the personality of the students, These activities include :

Cultural activities:

They aim at developing the students’ abilities and their artistic skills, They include :

– A competition for singing & playing musical instruments.

– A competition for drawing.

– A competition for publishing magazines .

– A competition for Plastic arts .

Group activities:

They aim at earring for the youth and introducing all the students activities as – Varying the activities of the students to include social , cultural & artistic activities, Holding competitions among students, Encouraging the students talents .

Social Activities and Journeys

They aim at :

Giving information about the ancient Egyptian civilization.

Giving the students the chance to compete.

Giving the students the chance to know each other’s.

The University Student Hospital at Qena

The First Floor contains:

Four Clinics, Dentistry and mouth Clinic, Diagnosis Clinic, Rays room, Reception and emergency, Hospital administration and financial affairs.

The Second floor Contains:

A surgery operation room which contains tow beds the interior department which contains 30 beds. A sterilization room, A shift Physician room, The average of student using the hospital is 600 annually. The average of surgery operations is 30 annually, The number of physicians is 5 doctors, 2 dentists, The number of nurses is 10