Current Students

Student Housing

There are several locations for student residences in all the University Campuses, some for male students and the others for female students. The residences are mostly located in the campuses or close to the buildings where students attend their classes. Thus, no transportation is needed to and from residences inside the campus. At present, residences provide different types of accommodation. Each residence has a meeting room. a large restaurant and a multiple purpose activity room. Visitors are welcome at certain times. There are around-the-clock supervisors in the residences to ensure that the halls are quiet and in order. Residences also include kitchens, space for table tennis and sports, a lounge equipped with a television set, telephones, and a laundry, Students who live in residence halls are likely to have better grades and higher college retention rates than their counterparts who live off campus. They know that as years go by, they will remember all of the great memories made while living in the residence alls — the friends they made, the opportunities that were available to them, the good times they had .

In conjunction with the cities of SVU campuses, the University provides transportation in buses to all students from different stops in cities to the University Campuses. Buses are scheduled from 7 a.m. until 10 p.m. and take students to the University from designated locations in the cities and the reverse. Non -Governmental transportation facilities transports students daily from cities to the University. National Railway Authority and Upper Egypt Bus Company are available to students coming from other governorates of the country. The transportation to and from the University is secure and reliable.

Food Services
The University provides modern restaurants for male and female students where food meals are served. Cafeterias provide service for students. They remain open until evening.

Financial Assistance
The University is very keen on having students continue their education and excel in it. It has a program for assisting needy and distinguished students. In the beginning of each semester, students may apply for assistance. The student requesting assistance from the University should fill an application form and present the necessary documents. They submit their documents to the students affairs in their colleges.

Students Union
Students have a students union to represent themselves. Students unions are signs of a healthy student life and all students participate democratically. Academic Societies and Clubs are formed in the University to represent the colleges, the departments, classes and other forms of student associations. They elect their representatives to the Students Union which conducts all the student activities in the University in coordination with the vice-president of Students Affairs.

Student Scientific Societies
The University encourages students to organize themselves and meet each other in the friendly atmosphere of the University surrounding. Almost every Academic Department and Unit boasts a student society, the purpose of which is to unite students and have them participate to accomplish a set of academic objectives, enriching student life. Thus, lectures are organized, book and cultural exhibits are presented, national occasions are celebrated and sport activities are widely applauded.

Student Clubs
Student clubs are formed around academic and national themes to add to the rich mosaics of student life. Students who have a common interest in debates come together to form a debating club. The aim of such clubs is to enrich the social and cultural life on campus.

Students Life and Activities:
The students’ activities are varied and contribute in building the personality of the students, These activities include :

Cultural activities:

They aim at developing the students’ abilities and their artistic skills, They include :

  • A competition for singing & playing musical instruments.
  • A competition for drawing.
  • A competition for publishing magazines .
  • A competition for Plastic arts .

Group activities:

They aim at earring for the youth and introducing all the students activities as – Varying the activities of the students to include social , cultural & artistic activities, Holding competitions among students, Encouraging the students talents .

Social Activities and Journeys

They aim at :

Giving information about the ancient Egyptian civilization.

Giving the students the chance to compete.

Giving the students the chance to know each other’s.

The University Student Hospital at Qena
The First Floor contains:

Four Clinics, Dentistry and mouth Clinic, Diagnosis Clinic, Rays room, Reception and emergency, Hospital administration and financial affairs.

The Second floor Contains:

A surgery operation room which contains tow beds the interior department which contains 30 beds. A sterilization room, A shift Physician room, The average of student using the hospital is 600 annually. The average of surgery operations is 30 annually, The number of physicians is 5 doctors, 2 dentists, The number of nurses is 10