Open Education Center:

Open Education program began at South Valley University in partnership with Ain Shams University in September 2008 , approved by the Supreme Council of Universities , began with Faculties of Arts, Commerce and Law and after that a partnership agreement was held with Universities of Cairo and Sohag about approved programs that they had.

Open Education Programs in a partnership with Ain Shams University (seven) are as follows:

Faculty of Arts:

1 – The Archaeological Studies Program – Division of Egyptian Antiquities.
2- Tourism Studies Program – Division of Tourist Guides.
3- Development Studies and Social Planning Program – Division of Social Development.

Faculty of Commerce:

4- Accounting systems Program.
5- Computer and Information Technology Program .
6- Management of Hotels and Tourist Village Program.

Faculty of Law:

7- Law Studies Program.
Some other programs are being studied to provide all the needs and possible disciplinary.
Open education program grants bachelor or licentiate degree ‏ in the mentioned divisions in the proper law framework in accordance with the following decisions:

– Decisions of the Supreme Council of Universities.
– Partnership agreement between South Valley and Ain Shams University.
– Decision of Council of South Valley University to begin study in Open Education.