17.4.1 Commitment to Meaningful Education

Commitment to Meaningful Education

SVU is committed to help to achieve the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to tackle the biggest problems facing our society and worldwide. The SDGs provide a very useful framework for coordinating sustainability across our university. We commit ourselves to a sustainable, just and inclusive society. We have a responsibility to our students and the wider society to educate future professionals who are ready to meet our global social, economic and environmental challenges. However, our responsibility to contribute to the SDGs goes beyond what we teach our students. It is about the contribution of our research, the way we run our campus and how we behave towards each other.

In the light of working towards the UN Sustainable Development Goals, SVU has taken upon itself to implement these Goals in collaboration with community and other sectors other than the higher education, in accordance with the commitments in its strategic plan and Egypt Vision 2030.

SVU strategic plan

SVU strategic plan (website) reinforces its commitment to ensure that future graduates have basic knowledge on sustainable development and both individual and organizational sustainability and responsibility. For this purpose, SVU has taken further steps in order to address the social, economic and environmental challenges the world is currently facing, and in order to reach the sustainable development goals, all current and future decision makers urgently need to improve their “Sustainable Literacy “.

Our strategy

The Center for Strategic Planning and Future Studies at the University ended the preparation of the new strategic plan for South Valley University 2018-2023, which emanates from the Egypt’s Strategy for Sustainable Development, Egypt 2030. The vision and mission of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research is the new strategic plan, for competitive professional and research practice in the labor market, and to develop the university’s institutional capacity and educational effectiveness.Integrate the SDGs and the principles of Education for Sustainable Development into all undergraduate and graduate courses, as well as graduate research training including undergraduate and graduate teaching, professional training, executive and adult education, online learning, co-curricular activities, and student clubs and societies have a very important role to play in SDG implementation.

  • The general framework of the current strategic plan of South Valley University reflects a distinguished effort in terms of covering the administrative, educational, research and societal aspects of the university.
  • The diverse participation of the university’s senior leaders, faculty members, students, administrators, and those from outside the university. Using well-known strategic planning methodologies.
  • Diversity in descriptive and quantitative methods of strategic analysis and diversity in the use of tools.
  •  The logical sequence in ideas and narration until the formulation of the plan in its final form.

The strategic plan of South Valley University 2018/19-2022/2023 focuses on: preparing university graduates for competitive professional and research practice, continuous development of the university’s institutional capacity, increasing the educational effectiveness of its faculties and programs, preparing distinguished researchers capable of providing innovative and applied research, and providing distinguished community services; It contributes to achieving the state’s strategy for sustainable development, the continuous development of programs and colleges, their management and qualification for accreditation, and raising the competition.In addition, optimizing the use of human and material resources, developing the university’s own financial resources, working on developing university hospitals, and the distinguished services they provide, providing various student activities, and making the university a house of expertise for sustainable development studies and a beacon to promote a culture of innovation and a knowledge economy in society.The strategic plan includes an executive plan in which the activities and practices necessary to achieve all strategic goals identify those responsible for implementation, and define a set of indicators for follow-up and performance evaluation. South Valley University intends to implement its strategic plan 2018/2019-2022-2023 through a strategic management that works hard to contribute to the realization of the state’s strategy for sustainable development 2030.