The core values.

  • Quality: by adopting quality standards and obtaining academic accreditation for its programs and institutional accreditation for its faculties.
  • Teamwork: between all parties to the university’s work in decision-making and implement it, and cooperation with the surrounding community and the outside world to achieve the university’s vision, mission and strategic objectives.
  • Effective dialogue and appreciation of human relations: by supporting effective dialogue, and encouraging its students, faculty members, and administrators to mutual respect and appreciation of human relations
  • Innovation and openness: by providing an atmosphere that helps all parties in the educational process to innovate at work, and openness to all ideas that will bring development in the educational, research process and community service, Rewarding individual and collective initiatives in pursuit of getting high-quality performance levels.
  • Sustainability and Diversity: The university is committed to diversity in all its dealings, activities and services, and sustainability in the search for available resources to use and develop properly.
  • Integrity, transparency and accountability: The university realizes that integrity, transparency and accountability are important characteristics of its institutional culture, and that is why it adheres to them in all practices and in raising issues, problems, solutions and accountability.