Location and buildings

The college consists of two sites, the first is outside the university campus and the second is inside the university campus

First, the college buildings outside the university campus

Location and buildings according to the standard design standards for the infrastructure in terms of all areas, spaces, heights, and thickness of the walls, as well as the elements of horizontal movement (roads) and vertical (stairs), and buildings in general are archaeological and equipped at the highest level commensurate with the nature of the engineering study in terms of the architectural, aesthetic and structural form.

First, location and buildings:
The college occupies a distinguished site with an architectural and historical character in the city of Qena on an area of 10 acres, and the site consists of three buildings with a large number of terraces and classrooms equipped with the Internet, as follows:

1. The main building is built on an area of 1500 square meters, consisting of the ground floor and three frequent floors (ie the total area is about 6000 square meters) and its most important contents are:

6 small stands for the scientific departments (each runway is 150 meters flat), meaning it can accommodate about 100 students.

5 drawing galleries (hall area 120 meters flat) for about 80 students.

14 classrooms (classroom area is 100 meters flat), meaning it can accommodate about 60 students.

All stands, drawing rooms and classrooms are equipped with traditional means of explanation (blackboard 3.00 * 1.2m), a platform for lecturers,

A projector for fixed and movable transparencies, slides, and natural ventilation with a unique architectural design.

Library (the area of the library is 200 square meters), meaning it can accommodate about 100 students, knowing that the library’s tourism is calculated on the basis of 10% of the total number of students, that is, it serves 1000 students.

3 computer labs to (the area of the laboratory is 100 meters flat), meaning it can accommodate about 30 students.

Education Development and Accreditation Unit

The seminar training hall (an area of 100 meters flat, accommodating about 50 students) is equipped with a projector for the projection of computers, a display screen, and has curtains to control the intensity of lighting.

The erudition hall accommodates about 50 students.

This is in addition to the offices of the aides, faculty members, heads of scientific departments, agents and the dean of the faculty.

2. Terraced building

It consists of three runways, each with a capacity of 500 students, the area of the runway is about 600 meters flat. All the stands are equipped with traditional means of clarification (blackboard 3.00 * 1.2 meters), and after the first row, about 4 meters from the front row, a platform for lecturers, a display device for transparencies and fixed and movable slides, The ventilation is natural and has a unique architectural design.

3. The workshop building (about 300 meters flat, 5 meters high)

It consists of 5 mechanical workshops, each workshop accommodating 10 students. The workshops follow the rules of industrial safety and provide the means for fighting fire.
Secondly, the factories: The factories are located on the ground floor of the main building and the first floor (on an area of 1200 square meters).
(The area of one lab is about 80 meters), meaning it can accommodate about 30 students.
Second, the college buildings inside the university campus
The college owns a building for stands inside the university campus, and a building for laboratories is being built