South Valley University, based on the approval of the Faculty of Engineering, offers the following degrees:
1-Postgraduate Diploma
2-Master of Engineering (M.Eng.)
3-Master’s Degree in Engineering Sciences(M.Sc.)
4-Ph.D. in Philosophy of Engineering Sciences (Ph.D.)

In the following disciplines:

First: Civil Engineering:

  1. Advanced Structural Engineering.
  2. Water Installations Engineering.
  3. Engineering of Public Works.
  4.  Engineering of Land Surveying

Second: Architecture:

  1.  Urban Planning
  2.  architectural studies

Third: Electrical Engineering:

  1. High Voltage Engineering.
  2.  Electrical power engineering
  3. Electrical Machine Engineering
  4. Control engineering
  5. Communications and Electronics Engineering
  6.  Computer engineering.

Fourth: Mechanical Engineering

  1. Engineering of pipeline and turbine design. 
  2. New and Renewable Energy Engineering.
  3. Mechanical Design Engineering.
  4.  The technology of materials and production.
  5. Automotive and Tractor Engineering.
  6. Engineering design of drilling equipment.

Study System

The Study is according to the system of accredited hours, which is allowed to be enrolled by graduates of engineering colleges of Egyptian universities or those with degrees that have been equivalent by the Higher Council of Universities.