Student Unions & Groups Management


No. Name
1 Bahaa Hamid Mahmoud Al Rawy
2 Hamoda Abd Al Wadoud Zohry
3 Mohamed Mustapha Ali Ibrahim

Students’ group:

It is a student groups associated with the Student Unions & Groups Committee, emphasizes the spirit of cooperation between the students each other and around their leader in practicing all activities (social – cultural – artistic – sports) through the groups gathering and its good relationships

Students’ Union:

It is the legitimate organizations representing students of colleges, institutes and universities in Egypt. It aims to achieve the following: –

  • Developing spiritual and ethical values, consolidating local and national awareness, upholding the value of belonging and loyalty, deepening the foundations of democracy, human rights and citizenship among students and working in teams while ensuring their opinions are expressed within the framework of university traditions and customs
  • Refine students’ talents and develop their abilities and skills, using them for the benefit of the student, his educational institution and his country
  • Forming groups, associations and scientific clubs with the organization of utilizing the energies and skills of students and working to support their activities and develop their creative abilities
  • Organizing student, sporting, social, scouting, artistic, cultural and technological activities, widening the base of participation and encouraging the exceptional ones


  • Achieving the goals of the Students’ Union
  • Spreading a peaceful spirit among students and strengthening bonds between them
  • Discovering students’ talents, abilities, and skills
  • Dissemination and encouragement of activities (sports – cultural – social – scout – art)
  • Highlighting the students’ energies and their benefit in serving their community

Membership conditions:

  • Bachelor students who are enrolled in colleges and paid the Union’s fee
  • The term of membership is one full academic year starting from (October to September) and renewed annually
  • Preferably the number of members in the group does not exceed (50) members in faculties and (20) members in practical colleges and the minimum should not be less than (20) members

Group formation:

  • The group is formed with the approval of the Group Committee in the faculty and then with the approval of The Union Committee and finally by the Dean
  • The group file should include the following:
  • The name
  • The leader approval
  • The objectives of the group
  • The Board of Directors before elections
  • The group activity plan

General conditions:

  • Each student has to apply to join the group by himself
  • The group should include male and female students from different grades and it has to be limited to the students registered in the college
  • starting the formation of groups at the beginning of the academic year and finishing it two months after the beginning of the study
  • It is not permissible to lead an academic member for more than one group
  • The group leader has to be fully responsible for all the activities of the group