Artistic Activity Management


  • Mr. Samir Mohamed Ahmed Ibrahim  (Fine Arts Activity Specialist)
  • Ms. Rania Anis Azmy Nosier  (Fine Arts Activity Specialist)
  • Ms. Dina Wagih Reda Hosny  (Fine Arts Activity Specialist)
  • Mr. Mahmoud Mohamed Okasha  (Theater Activity Official)
  • Mr. Sayed Mohamed Saliem Mohamed  (Theater Activity Official)
  • Ms. Najwa Abu Alwafa Abdul Shafy  (Music and choir Activity Official)
  • Mr. Hamam Abd Al Moaty Seddek  (Folklore Activity Official)

* It is an educational activity for all artistic activities including music and choir. It contains Individual and Group Singing, Individual and Group Playing, Theatre, Folklore, and Fine Arts (Drawing – Painting – Photography – Sculpture – Graphic and Art Printing – Art Works – Cartoons)

* It also:

  • Holds The Artistic Forum for university students. It is a gathering of Egyptian and Arab universities, including performances of music, choir, folklore, religious chanting, theatrical performances, and fine arts fair
  • Trains students on various machines and shaping with different tools and materials to participate in competitions outside the university in all fields
  • organizes competitions and art workshops within the university in all fields (music and choir – theater – folklore – fine arts)
  • Holds art fairs and presents works and paintings for students of the university faculties
  • Participates in external activities such as the University Youth Week and the Ibdaa Competition of the Ministry of Youth and Sports
  • Trains art centers in the fields of (Fine Arts – Music and Choir – Theater) of the Ministry of Youth and Sports