Social Activity and Camps Management


  • Mr. Al Tayeb Mahmoud Abd Allah  (Manager)
  • Mr. Mohamed Hagagy Saliem  (Social worker)
  • Mr. Montasr Aamer Mohamed Hussein  (Social worker)
  • Mr. Abd Al Sabour Abd Al Hafiz Mohamed  (Social worker)
  • Mr. Nasr Abd Al Hamid Abd Al Aaty  (Social worker)
  • Ms. Magda Abo Al Wafa Abd Al Shafy  (Social worker)
  • Ms. Sakina Sayed Refaay  (Social worker)


  1. Spread the spirit of cooperation between students and the community
  2. Create a competitive atmosphere among students
  3. Develop the student’s intelligence socially, mathematically, and morally through the chess competition
  4. Raise the level of general knowledge and culture of the student by doing social research competition
  5. Prepare a student who is wise, aware of what he is doing, what requires him, educated , organized, cooperative, and has wisdom in decision-making through Leadership Development Camps
  6. Create a helpful and suitable atmosphere for the learning process of the student and supporting him by the social solidarity


  • Organizing several competitions, also organizing educational, religious, and beach trips and camps in cooperation with the Ministry of Higher Education and the National Youth Council in addition to training courses for leaders and national projects
  • Ideal student competition at the university level and its branches
  • Chess competition at the university level and its branches
  • Social Research Competition at the university level and its branches
  • Leadership development camps, Public service camps and social seminars
  • Solidarity actions (Tuition fees – Financial aid – Dorms fees)