Sports Activity Management


  • Mohamed Mousa Mohamed (Manager)
  • Ashraf Bahig Mohamed (Sports Specialist)
  • Mohamed Ahmed Ali (Sports Specialist)
  • Al Sayed Abd Al Raheem Ahmed Ali (Sports Specialist)
  • Mohamed Mahmoud Rashad (Sports Specialist)
  • Ahmed Wahid Taha (Sports Specialist)

Sports activity aims to achieve many goals which are:

  • The positive contribution in building a balanced personality for students away from destructive ideas through providing proper conditions to discover and develop their talents, training them to work meaningfully and take responsibility and developing the value of giving
  • Creating an ideal environment for discovering and highlighting talents internally and externally to help in building an athletic generation that is righteous and with good manners, refine the energies and talents of students and use these energies in what is useful and fruitful, in addition to providing them with extra skills to help them in their working and scientific life
  • Providing the opportunity for as many students as possible to practice sports to achieve their tendencies for these activities which aims to have a purposeful entertainment and make the most use of free time, and that leads to the perfect use of it, strengthen the relationships among students, promoting the spirit of teamwork and gaining the sports ethics which reinforce the culture of dialogue, tolerance and respect others
  • Fostering fair competition which has the greatest impact in strengthening the social relations, establishing links among the university faculties and the different universities within the Egyptian community, also among clubs, institutions, and the various sports and social organizations
  • Taking advantage of the huge potential of the Egyptian universities, specially south valley university which has many equipped stadiums at high levels in all sports and activities
  • Contributing to spreading the importance of the Egyptian universities in serving the community

Components and mechanisms of the sports activity can be accomplished through:

  • Practicing sports that suits the tendencies of students by organizing tournaments, sports courses and camps in order to raise the professional and skillful level of different university sports teams by organizing various competitions and matches according to a program that includes most sports according to the available capabilities such as:  Team sports league (football – basketball – volleyball – handball …), Individual sports competitions (athletics – swimming – boxing – wrestling – weight lifting …), also establishing an educational program that explains the roles and laws of sports

Sports activity goals:

  1. Establishing the right concepts of sports activity
  2. Spreading the sports awareness and culture among students
  3. Caring for talented students and working on improving their skills
  4. Contributing to getting rid of emotional stress, emptying emotions and making perfect use of extra energies
  5. Satisfying students’ tendencies by practicing sports activities and using their free time in a positive way
  6. Consolidating good relationships between students, employees and faculties staff by involving them in combined sports activities
  7. Developing the spirit of leadership and dependency among student through participation in different sports activities
  8. Strengthening the friendship relations among the faculties by having various competitions and tournaments

Sports activities:

The sports activities vary from physical, educational and entertaining activities; team activities and individual activities (football – volleyball – basketball – tennis – athletics – bicycling – speedball)

Sports programs:

  • “Developing the elements of general fitness” programs
  • “Developing the special physical elements” programs
  • Teaching the basic skills for the various sports activities
  • Training programs in using modern sports equipment to raise the level of physical efficiency
  • Weight-loss programs based on scientific principles, including dietary programs and physical training.

Educational activities:

  • Includes courses in various fields such as:
  • Sports and Health course
  • Sports and Nutrition course
  • First aid and Injuries course
  • Sports and Mental Health course

Entertaining activities:

  • Includes:
  • Various trips
  • Competitive sports gatherings between the various colleges’ sports clubs