The Department of Animal Physiology is one of the leading and extensive departments in the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine. It is the department on organ functions in the animal’s body, which illustrates the importance of the natural function of each organ in the body in preparation for the doctor’s experience to recognize the impact of various diseases on the body’s organs and change its nature.
The Department of Animal Physiology has continued to modernize its sciences in order to keep pace with the rapid development of the various branches of this science through diversity in research projects and scientific seminars, thus becoming a solid scientific institution thanks to its scientists and competent professors and becoming a prominent scientific centre in the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine at South Valley University.


Excellence in the field of veterinary medical sciences at the local, regional and global levels and the improvement of the educational process and the level of scientific research to cover all areas, in particular the health and safety of foods of animal origin, the protection of human beings from harmful diseases and other diseases transmitted to them by animals, their products and animal waste, and the provision of appropriate solutions that contribute to the development of livestock.


Preparing distinguished veterinary cadres and competent leaders in food health and safety and scientific research capable of transmitting knowledge and serving and developing local society.


1- Preparation of veterinarians with extensive and comprehensive expertise in physiology and veterinary medicine.

2- Qualification of postgraduate students in the field of physiology and veterinary medicine.

3- Conducting laboratory as well as environmental research in the field of physiology and veterinary medicine.

4- Holding symposia, training and research courses for veterinarians working in the field of physiology and veterinary medicine.