The Faculty Council

The Faculty council is formed under the leadership of the dean and the membership of:

1- Vice Deans of the Faculty.

2- Heads of departments.

3- A professor from each department, provided that the department’s professors rotate periodically every year in order of their seniority in the professorship. The university council, at the request of the faculty or institute council, may include in the council’s membership five professors at most who do not enjoy membership for a renewable year.

4- An assistant professor and teacher in faculties and institutes where the number of departments does not exceed ten, and two assistant professors and tow teachers if the number of departments exceeds ten. Membership rotates periodically every year in order of seniority in each category. These members do not attend the meetings of the college council when considering the affairs of the employment of professors, and the teachers among them do not attend when the affairs of the employment of assistant professors are considered.

5- Three members at most who have special knowledge in the subjects taught in the college or institute are appointed for a renewable period of two years by a decision of the university president based on the proposal of the faculty or institute council and the approval of the university council. It is not permissible for them to combine membership of more than one of the councils of the college or institute and membership of the university council to which the college or institute belongs.

* According to the Universities Organizing Law and Executive Regulation No. 49 of 1972, the College Council meets on the second Monday of every month.