Vice Dean for Students Affairs & Education

Prof. Dr Ashraf Ahmed Al Ghunaimy

My sons and my daughters are students of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Peace be upon you.

It’s a pleasure to be the Vice Dean for Students Affairs and Education

at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine. I welcome new and old

students and wish them success during their study at the Faculty in

all its departments. Under the leadership of Prof. Dr Mohamed Wael

Abd Al Azim, Dean of the Faculty, the administration of the Faculty

spares no effort in providing scientific and practical possibilities in

order to improve the proficiency of its graduates.

My sons this is your Faculty, so strive in your studies to be the pride

for your university and then your country because the renaissance of

nations is based on the knowledge of their children. Finally, I advise

you to be patient, optimistic, persevere, and above all fear God in

your work, in your knowledge, in your Faculty and in your country,

which is waiting for many of you to contribute to its progress and