Cultural and Scientific Relations

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  • Scholarships
  • Missions
  • Internal Mission
  • Co-supervision Mission
  • External Mission
  • Post-doctoral Studies


  • Young Researchers Conferences
  • Organize Conference proceedings
  • Attending Conference proceedings
  • Financial Controls

Secondment and Special leave

  • Secondment
  • Special leave

International Co-operation

  • MOUs and Agreements
  • MOUs and Agreements Procedures

Utilization of Envoys

  • Models of scholarships for graduate students
  • Activities

Documents required for activities of scientific and cultural relations

  • Documents required to be nominated for grants
  • Documents required from the internal mission members
  • Documents required from the co-supervision members
  • Documents required from external mission members
  • Documents required from scientific mission members
  • Documents required for granting secondment to faculty members (first year)
  • Documents required to renew secondment
  • Documents required to grant special leave
  • Documents required to renew special leave
  • Documents required for the study leave