The Dean of the Faculty attends the meeting of the Inclusive Green Growth Project in Egypt

   Prof. Dr. Ahmed Kamal Nasary, Vice President for Community Service and Environmental Development, Prof. Dr. Sami Abdel Raouf, Dean of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, and Prof. Dr. Muhammed Saeed, Dean of the Faculty of Specific Education, attended the meeting of the UNIDO Inclusive Green Growth Project in Egypt, funded by the Swiss Embassy, to provide the project management team with feedback on the project’s performance at the university in terms of importance, effectiveness, efficiency, sustainability and management of the project and to promote learning for further project development, replication and scaling up of results.

  Prof. Dr. Sami Abdel Raouf addressed the pioneering and important role played by the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine at the university, and the future role that it might offer to support the project at the university. 

  At the end of the meeting, a dialogue was held between guests and the university’s project team on positive aspects, future aspirations, how to achieve sustainability and many topics related to training.