Food Hygiene Control


The Faculty of Veterinary Medicine at South Valley University seeks to excel locally, nationally and globally in the field of veterinary sciences and to upgrade the educational process and scientific research in all fields, particularly in the area of health and food-safety of animal origin and protection of human beings from animal-borne diseases, products and waste, and to provide appropriate solutions which will contribute to the development of animal resources.


Preparing distinguished veterinary cadres competent in the field of food health and Safety and scientific research capable of transferring knowledge, disseminating of technology, and developing the local community.

Department objectives:

*Preparation of veterinarians with comprehensive knowledge in the field of food health control, in terms of their ability to detect and identify non-conforming foods, as well as to examine foods of animal origin and determine their suitability for human consumption. The Department should be a reference centre in this regard.

*Qualifying postgraduate students in the field of food hygiene to be able to diagnose the causes of food poisoning.

*Conducting laboratory and environmental research in the field of food hygiene to determine the safety of food of animal origin and the absence of pathogens.

*Holding symposiums and training courses for veterinarians working in the field of food hygiene.

*Preparing and training specialized personnel and professionals to apply skills and knowledge for consumer protection and public health by ensuring food safety and strengthening the food production chain to reduce human exposure to chemical and biological risks arising from food consumption.