Library aims:

  • Provision of different references and sources of knowledge and creating a suitable environment for students and researchers to help achieve the Faculty’s mission in research, education and community service.
  • Providing office services, information retrieval, including the professional office guidance and helping library users to make use of existing collections through borrowing.
  • Indexing, classifying, cataloguing and extracting collections and other processes that ensure their organization.
  • Activation of the digital library system.

Library services:

*Reading: The student enters the library with the help of the librarian to obtain his needs from books or other sources of knowledge.

The student has the right to borrow two books at a time, provided there is a copy of the borrowed book in the library. The library is open from 9 am to 5 am.

Library location:
Laboratory building on the fourth floor.

Library components:

  • 35 metal shelves
  • 2 metal cupboard
  • 3 Index units for books
  • 1 Catalog units for periodicals
  • 10 desks
  • 50 metal chairs
  • 3 Staff offices
  • 1 metal ladder
  • 1 Book Cart
  • 5 Computer Table

Library accomplishments:

* Entering the library on the electronic catalog.

* Subscription and access to the digital library of the Higher Council of Universities.

* Subscription of faculty members and their assistants in global databases from inside and outside the university.

*Entering master’s and doctoral theses in the digital library system.

* Electronic Inventory.