The faculty wishes its students success and success

And wish them a good academic year

Last News

The faculty of Education organizes a celebration of the International Day of the Arabic Language

Under the patronage of Prof. Dr. Youssef El-Gharabawy – President of the University And Prof. Dr. Abu Al-Fadl Badran – Vice President for Education and Student Affairs. And Prof. Suhair […]


Important announcement for general and professional diploma students

Practical education for the public diploma students (one-year system) and vocational (special education) will start from 12-21 December. 2019 m until 26-12-2019 m. The division of groups, dates, locations and […]


First aid course, college of education

A first aid course will be implemented in the college on Thursday 12-12-2019 one o’clock in the afternoon in partnership with the Red Crescent Society in Hurghada.


The date of the start of the “ICDL”

Training for the “ICDL” course will start from Wednesday, 11-12-2019, at four o’clock in the laboratory of the College of Education. The gentlemen wishing to attend should be on time.


Faculty Mission

Faculty of Education at Hurghada Aims to distinction throughout: 1-Preparing specialized teachers and leaders in different educational specializations. 2-Developing scientific and professional abilities for employees education and teaching them modern educational methods


Faculty Vision

The faculty seeks to help university in achieving its strategic objectives throughout to be one of distinction faculties and competition in education, community service and scientific research during achieving high-level of performance, then presenting a distinction graduate faces several needs for local and external work market

The faculty in brief

Faculty of Education is located in Hurghada ,Red Sea where a high percentage of the governorate population who are over the age of education are illiterates,