Teaching Languages and Research Unit

Teaching Languages and Research Unit  included

1- English
2- French
3- Arabic
4- Deutsch
5- Translation.


1-Preparing, assessing and supervising on programs of languages for Bachelor students, Postgraduate and researches at the university and outside
2- Preparing special programs for raising the efficiency of assistant lecturers and demonstrators at all faculties of the university

3- Preparing special programs for academic staff and employees at the university in order to improve their language skills

4- Holding TOEFL courses and tests for postgraduate students at the university and outside

5- Holding cultural seminars and scientific conferences for languages at the university and outside.

6-Cultural Exchange between the center and languages centers, research institutions and universities in languages affaires, as well as inviting professors for delivering lectures and holding seminars for academic staff and students.

7-Setting training programs for reporting, theses and researches in many languages .

8-Setting training programs for delivering lectures in many languages as well as preparing tests.

9-Providing studies for theses writing and reporting according to agreed methods in this field.

10-Training on setting scientific article of courses and teaching methods for trainers at the center.

11- Setting languages tests which are taught at the center.

12-Reviewing the scientific researches that are published in various languages at the center.

13-Providing center possibilities through holding courses for all individuals.

Future plans:

Preparing for training courses that are taught at the center in the summer.