Information Unit


1- Holding computer courses for students, alumni and others
2- Typing texts in Arabic and English
3- Copying CDs
4- Image scanning by using scanner
5- Holding Maintenance courses
6- Maintenance the labs devices at the faculty
7- Network Troubleshooting at the faculty
8- Providing technical support for all administrations at the faculty.


1- Providing the Student Handbook at the faculty
2- Typing Certificates of appreciation for students
3- Typing invitations cards for the faculty
4- Developing statistics and diagrams for student affairs
5- Developing statistics and diagrams for employee affairs
6- Developing e-archive database for correspondents of the dean office
7- Designing brochures for conferences and groups activities
8- Holding Microsoft office courses (word –excel) for employees at the faculty
9- Establishing Café Net at the University Dormitories
10- Holding training courses for academic staff and employee at the faculty through ICTB project at the university

Future plans:

Preparing and equipping computers central labs at the faculty in order to be Accredited Center for ICDL training and testing.