Definition of the quality assurance and accreditation

   It is a means to ensure that academic standards derived from the College Mission (as a donor of the educational qualifications) is defined and achieved in accordance with the corresponding standards to it , both nationally and internationally.
And the quality of learning opportunities, research, and participate in the development of community service and development environment is considered appropriate and meet expectations of the different types of beneficiaries from the college’s product.

Unit Vision


 Unit seeks to be one of the Leading units in the Quality Assurance and improve the performance of university on the level of the South Valley University and Egyptian universities.


Unit mission

1 – The faculty and university’s mission in spreading the culture of quality and awareness of its importance.
2 – Improving and ensure the quality of educational, administrative, and research performance.
3 – Developing the college’s role and its leadership in community service and development environment.
4 – Achieving aspirations of the beneficiaries and the community.
5 – Applying the academic standards of reference.
6 – Creating a positive awareness among all the faculty staff members, students and all related parties towards the idea of evaluation, development and accreditation, depending on the measure’s competencies, systems and mechanisms recognized by worldwide.
7 – Putting a developed future vision for the College to be able to continuous development to get the institutional accreditation.