The Start of Receiving the Applications for Transferring of the Student Enrollment from and to the Faculties of South Valley University

The President of the university confirmed that for transferring between corresponding faculties, the student must be successful, and the priority is according to the student assessment grad, the transfer concentrate at the level of each university and the percentage of transferred to it which does not exceed 20% from the number of all enrolled students in class.

Prof. Dr Badawy Shahat, Vice President for Education and Student Affairs confirmed that the transfer of enrollment to and from the asymmetric faculties requires the student to obtain the minimum of total grades that accepted by the faculty where is going to be transferred to according to the date of obtaining the high school certificate, and the transfer of student enrollment to a faculty doesn’t have his governorate an equivalent faculty in it, overall under the approval of the two faculties’ Council to this transfer.

The Vice President of the University indicated that the required documents for transfer include a copy of the high school certificate, the original status statement from the faculty or institute from which it was transferred, a copy of the birth certificate, and a letter from the central administration of the student affairs of the university addressed to the Admission Coordination Office of the Universities and Institutes.