Human Resources

Human resources management tasks

1) give all monthly salaries or any other benefits to the faculty and their collaborators as well as the Faculty employees as well as take into consideration any deduction penalty.

2) Edit excess hours for faculty and their collaborators monthly.

3) Edit all rewards for faculty members and their collaborators.

4) Record the salaries and bonuses referred to in the records.

5) Preparation of promotion notes for faculty members and their assistants.

6) Work sub-files for Faculty employees.

7) Make records of vacations (normal and emergency) of Faculty employees.

8) Create a database for all employees that includes all personal, functional, and insurance data of each worker.

9) Create a file for each worker containing papers, photos, and everything.

10) Monitoring the attendance and departure of employees.

11) Facilitate internal procedures and determine their controls such as vacations, commissariats, and others.

12) Follow-up and prompt implementation of employees’ daily requests.

13) Follow-up on new rules and decisions issued by the University’s administration for Employment, and Awareness.

14) Monitors and implements the law, provisions, regulations, and policies been formed within the university, such as leave and transport policies, exam work, and other policies.