President of South Valley University inaugurated the Effectiveness of a Workshop on the New Building Conditionality System

Prof.Dr Youssef Gharbawy, President of South Valley University, inaugurated the effectiveness of a workshop on the new building conditionality system, in the presence of Prof.Dr Ahmed Kamal Nassari, Vice President for Community Service and Environmental Development, the heads of local units, the directors of engineering administrations, and technology centres, the urban planning administration, and the cadastral administration in Qena Governorate. The President of the University stated that this workshop is organized by the Public Service Center for Engineering Studies and Consultations at the Faculty of Engineering within the framework of the university’s societal role and providing technical support to many bodies concerned, pointing to the importance of this workshop in raising awareness of the importance of urban governance, eliminating slums and overcrowding, and discussing the new construction system

Dr Arafa Mahmoud Ahmed, Director of the Public Service Center for Engineering Studies and Consultations at the faculty of Engineering, reviewed the working mechanisms of the new construction system and the most important challenges in implementing this system

Dr Jumyana Daoud, a teacher in the Department of Architectural Engineering at the faculty, consultant member in the building Requirement system of the faculty, added that the workshop is keen on the presence of all parties concerned with the new building system and it will last for two days, during which all details and inquiries about the new system will address