Discussing Graduation Projects for Fourth-Year Students of the Electrical Engineering Department.

Under the supervision of Prof. Dr Jamal Taj Abdel-Jaber, Dean of the Engineering Faculty, Prof. Dr Essam Obeid, Vice Dean for Graduate Studies and Research Affairs, and Prof. Dr Mohamad Ali Mohamad, Head of Electrical Engineering Department, today the Graduation Projects have been discusse for Fourth-Year Students of the Electrical Engineering Department, the students presented an honourable example about the Department of Electrical Engineering through the varied ideas and efforts in their graduation projects, as projects for control(Programmable Logical Controllers), Electrical Distribution Projects, including BMS and projects for smart irrigation using Solar Energy.

That’s worth mentioning that the Academy of Scientific Research has supported 6 graduation projects for Bachelor’s Students.

The Dean of the Faculty honoured the students whose projects were supported.


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