Welcoming Ceremony at Faculty of Medicine

Prof. Abbas Mansour, President of the University, witnessed the welcoming ceremony organized by Faculty of Medicine where he asserted the regularity of study from the first day at the university faculties, overcoming all obstacles to students and providing distinguished medical services to the citizens .He also referred to the importance of cooperation between the academic staff and students to benefit from the practical experience in the field of medicine. Besides, Prof. Mohammed Abul Fadal Badran, Vice President for Students’ Affairs, asserted the necessity of communication between students and participation in student activities, referring to the first student conference on November 18, 2017 with its five sectors (Veterinary Medicine and Agricultural Sciences Sector, Medical Sciences Sector, Basic and Engineering Sciences Sector, Arts, Tourism and Archeology Sector, Human and educational sciences Sector).Moreover, Prof. Hamdy Hussein, Dean of Faculty of Medicine, welcomed the new students, calling them to participate in activities organized by the faculty and acquiring scientific expertise from their professors..