Welcoming Ceremony at Faculty of Mass Communication

Under the auspices of President of the University Prof. Abbas Mansour, Faculty of Mass Communication organized a welcoming ceremony in the presence of Vice President for Students’ Affairs Prof. Mohammed Abul Fadal Badran, Dean of the faculty Prof. Hala Nofal, Vice President of the Egyptian Television Sector Dr. Alaa Basiony, President of African Union for Media persons Dr. Awny Kandeel and broadcaster of channel 1 Mr. Ahmed Abdel Zeem. Prof. Abbas Mansour asserted the importance of Media in building communities and countries, calling the all to Keep away from rumors and to focus on positives .Additionally, Prof. Mohammed Abul Fadal Badran called the students to strive for success and excellence, adhere to the values and virtues, fight revenge habit, attend lectures and participate in activities organized by the university, referring to the dangerous of misguided media that promotes rumors. Besides, Dr. Alaa Basiony demonstrated the difference between the kinds of media, asserting that prophets and messengers were the first to practice the profession of media. He also confirmed the importance of controlling media performance. Moreover, Dr. Awny Kandeel said that the university study is a beginning of a new life, calling students to persevere and to be patient.