President of South Valley University inspects the final Preparations of the Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Center

Prof. Dr Youssef Gharbawy, President of South Valley University, conducted a tour to follow up on the final preparations of the building of the Physical therapy Faculty, the Physical therapy & Rehabilitation Center, in the presence of Prof. Dr Mahmoud El-Shazly, Dean of the Physical Therapy Faculty.

The President of the University indicated that this building is one of the achievements that has carried out by the state in the higher education sector and which will contribute to community service in Upper Egypt, pointing out that the Physical Therapy Faculty and the Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation Center is the largest centre in the Middle East, it has built on an area of ​​11,260 meters and consists of 4 halls, 12 classrooms, 6 laboratories, 5 departments, 86 accommodation rooms, in addition to pools and a hotel, with a cost value of 174 million pounds, and will open next May