The medical director at SVU: (300000) Pounds for treatment of students this year

Dr. Yasser Maghraby , the director of the medical administration at the university confirmed that based on instructions of Prof. Dr. Abbas Mansour , the university president to attention to the medical care for the university students and providing the medical services and treatment for all students at the expense of the university, as the medical administration  was set statistics for the number of students who visit the hospital and the cost of medical expenses, where the number of visitors to the hospital (7303) students and was disbursed the treatment monthly for (69) students of chronic diseases ,beside the cost of treatment for students in the university hospitals , Tumors institutes and specialized centers (118000) pounds,and  the costs of buying medicines for the treatment of students (130000)  pounds , on the other hand, Dr. Yasser Maghraby stressed that the case of four students who were injured yesterday have left the hospital and performed  their exams at Faculty of Commerce