Research Grants Program for Egyptians researchers

Center for Special Studies and Programs, Bibliotheca Alexandrina offers a number of research grants for Egyptians postdoctoral and researchers in the following scientific fields:

§ Agricultural Sciences
§ Biology and Biotechnology
§ Chemistry and Biochemistry
§ Earth Sciences
§ Engineering Sciences and Technology
§ Information Technology and Bioinformatics
§ Mathematics
§ Medical Sciences
§ Pre-University Education
§ Physics and Biophysics
Eligibility and Deadlines
§ Egyptian scholars who have earned their PhD within the past five years (following December 2009).
§ Applicants must hold a current position at a public/private academic or research institution in Egypt, and the research must be conducted in Egypt.
§ Currently engaged or can arrange to work on a joint research project with foreign counterpart(s) at a university or research center abroad.
§ Applicants must not exceed 35 years of age by January 2015.
§ Grant applications must be submitted online before 1 June 2015.
§ The maximum duration of the project is 2 years and the maximum budget that can be granted is 75,000 EGP.

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