Nanotechnology Conference recommends using Solar Cells in Electricity generation and Increasing Researchers

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The events of 2nd International Conference of Nanotechnology that organized the university was concluded with participation of (75) researchers who representative (10) Arab and Foreign Countries , as well as (14) Egyptian Institutions under the auspice of Gen. Abd El Hameed Al Hajan , Governor Qena , Prof. Dr. Abbas Mansour , the university president and Mahmoud Khodary , the conference’s head which recommended the participants with holding annual conference to be on February 2016 and increasing the conference’s points including expected risk of using of nanoscale materials,
While Prof. Dr. Mahmoud Khodary, the conference’ head declared that recommended addressing the responsible authorities to encourage investment in the field of nanotechnology, particularly solar cells, besides providing the necessary support for producing this technologyin order to reduce import it , and inviting industrial institutions to adopt the conference research results, in addition to hold protocols cooperation with research institutions and hold partnership with international institutions to establish group of nanotechnology centers , moreover holding workshops to train the workers in nanotechnology.

On the other hand, He added that the conference also recommended sending the research’s results for each specialization institutions, as well as reducing subscription fees and motivating students of science and engineering faculties to participate in the conference