Marzouq Abdul Wahab Al Marzouq Emergency Hospital

The Emergency Hospital began its first day of working by receiving 46 cases in the various specializations as Psychiatry, Internal Medicine, Infectious diseases, Neuropsychiatry and Gastrointestinal Disorders. In the presence of Manager of the Emergency Hospital Dr. Ahmed Omar, Dean of Faculty of Medicine Prof. Dr. Hamdy Hussein, General Manager of the University Hospitals Dr. Mohammed Youssuf, Manager of the University Hospital in Qena Dr. Hassan Sedeek, Vice-Dean of Student Affairs at Faculty of Medicine Prof. Dr. Ali Abdel Rahman and Vice-Dean of Community Services and Environmental Affairs at Faculty of Medicine Prof. Dr. Ali Rabeea, Qena Governor Ashraf Ghareeb and President of SVU Prof. Dr. Youssuf Gherbawy held a dialogue with the patients in the hospital to ensure the quality in serving them. Also, Prof. Dr. Youssuf Gherbawy asserted that the university prepared for developing the university hospitals and the medical education as equipping the hospitals with the latest medical devices.