Awareness seminar on the dangers of addiction at the Faculty of Science- SVU.

Under the cooperation protocol between the University and the Prevention &Treatment of Addiction Fund and the auspices of Prof.Dr. Ahmed Akkawy, President of South Valley University, and the supervision by Dr. Mohamed Saeed, Vice-President of the University for Community Service and Environmental Development Affairs, the Community Service and Environmental Development Sector organized a seminar to raise awareness of the risks of addiction in the Faculty of Science in the presence of Dr. Khaled bin Alwaleed, Dean of the Faculty of Science and Dr. Noha El-Tayh, Deputy Faculty of Science for Community Service and Environmental Development Affairs.

Dr. Khalid bin Alwaleed praised the role of the Anti-Addiction Fund in sensitizing university students about the risks of addiction, asking students to benefit from such awareness seminars and the need to convey awareness to their families. Dr. Noha Al-Taih urged students to participate actively in the seminar to achieve the desired benefit.
During the seminar, Marwa Abdel Rady, Director of the Volunteer House within the University Affiliate of the Prevention &Treatment of Addiction Fund, explained the various services of the Volunteer House at the University Headquarters and the role of student volunteers in raising awareness of the devastating effects of addiction, The seminar also addressed the introduction of the Early Detection of Drugs Act, the exposure of a proven drug user to dismissal, and treatment of infected cases.