Workshop on Nanotechnology and its Applications in Medicine




In the context of cooperation between the university and German Jordanian University (GJU) in scientific research field, a workshop was organized entitled “Nanotechnology and its Applications in Medicine” where Prof. Dr. Abbas Mansour ,President of the University, spoke about the importance of cooperation in scientific fields to achieve development and to serve the community calling researchers to search for research projects to participate in whether via the Erasmus exchange system or other options .Additionally ,Dr. Mahmoud Abdel Sadek , Principal Investigator of the project at SVU ,asserted that the use of nanotechnology in medicine could revolutionize the way we detect and treat damage to the human body and disease in the future. Furthermore, Dr. Enshad Gomaa, Principal Investigator of the project at GJU, added that the workshop was a good chance to visit SVU referring to its objective and the funding source for the project.