A workshop on Radiology (Sonar) on the sidelines of the Third Internal Medicine Department Conference.

Under the patronage of Prof. Dr Youssef Gharabawy, President of the South Valley University, Prof. Dr Ahmed Akawy, Vice-President of Post-Graduate and Research Affairs, Prof. Dr Ali Abdul Rahman Goel, Dean of Medicine Faculty, and Dr Hajaji Mansour, the Executive Director of University Hospitals, The Faculty of Medicine and the university hospitals organize the Third Conference of the Internal Medicine Departement from 28 to 30 December 2021.

Dr Hossam Ismail, Head of the Internal Medicine Department at the faculty of Medicine-Qena and the University Hospitals, stated that the conference will discuss internal diseases and the related diseases such as heart diseases, kidney diseases, digestive system, liver diseases, Endocrine, Diabetes and blood diseases.

On the sidelines of the conference, a workshop for training on radiology(sonar) on the abdomen will behold on Tuesday, December 28, which will include theoretical lectures for doctors, followed by practical training on pathological conditions, participate in the workshop dr Ahmed Akasha, Dr Hassan Sediq, Dr Shamrdan Ezz El-Din, Dr Ghada Abdel Razek and Dr Ahmed Khalaf stated this by Dr Mohamed Taj El-Din, workshop coordinator, assistant professor of internal diseases, digestive system and liver.